Analytics, Attribution & Reporting

If you don’t know where you are, you can’t possibly know where you’re going

Measurement is critically important in today’s omni-channel media world. LWD invests heavily in developing the technology necessary to provide clients with a superior ability to access and analyze data that maximizes media responsiveness and efficiency.

With MediaPro™ and SmartMatch 360™, our proprietary analytics and attribution programs, we provide near real-time tracking, analysis, and optimization across linear, digital, and streaming video campaigns.
We track the entire consumer journey and identify all media touchpoints within the acquisition funnel for precise, actionable measurement and optimization.

Attribution & Reporting That Delivers

  • Better Planning
  • Better Pricing
  • Better Tracking
  • Greater Scale
  • Maximum ROI

Work Smarter

MediaPro™/PlanPro™/ SmartMatch 360™


MediaPro™ has been mission-critical and in constant development over the past 25 years. Our proprietary platform helps us develop buys, import response data and sigma detections, attribute Nieslen data, provide customized reports, and interface seamlessly with our accounting systems to provide a truly complete integrated solution, including a robust planning module and advanced attribution model (SmartMatch 360™).


From Pre-Buy through billing, the system is an all-in-one solution providing intelligence on media usage, efficiency, and performance that are the underpinnings of our media recommendations: Media Planning, Pre/Post measurement; stewardship, Media Buying, Measurement; Analytics, Data Management, and Traffic/Billing


SmartMatch 360™not only tracks all OTT, CTV and streaming video commercial airings by date and time, but is also able to track all responses to each airing through to actions ranging from response to lead, conversion and order.
SmartMatch tracks and measures the impact of linear and advanced TV on CPC/brand, direct and organic search traffic. It attributes the measurable lift that occurs when a commercial runs.

SmartMatch360™️: A Single Solution in a Multi-Channel World

OTT and streaming video are growing increasingly important by the minute, however, reliable, real-time tracking has basically been non-existent. SmartMatch360™solves for that – providing marketers with a near perfect level of transparency so they can make smarter, more informed decisions about these types of media buys in real time. This is especially game-changing for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that primarily play in this space.

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